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Monday, 14 August 2017

IPP prisoner 'The self-harming is unbelievable' BBC News Reports.


Prisoner 'suicidal' 11 years into 10-month jail term.

13 August
In 2006 James Ward was serving a 12-month prison sentence for arson, but 11 years later he remains behind bars.
During his time in jail he set fire to the mattress in his cell. As a result he was given an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentence of 10 months.
But he remains in jail; there are concerns for his safety because he regularly self-harms.
His family fear he will take his own life.
IPPs were abolished in 2012 but there are more than 3,000 people in England and Wales still serving these sentences, which means they have no release date.
The chairman of the Parole Board, Nick Hardwick, says ministers ''must act now'' to address the backlog.
The Ministry of Justice says it is working closely with the Parole Board to process the cases as quickly as possible and last year achieved the highest number of releases yet.
Zoe Conway reports for BBC Radio 4's Today and the Victoria Derbyshire programme.
James Wards Sister April heartfelt message to BBC News : Video in link- left side of page.


DeeKing 2 hours ago Hi Katherine, hoping to speak to you about an IPP piece on LBC radio today. Or other family's could you DM for details please? Thanks.

Graves These sentences are diabolical and to be honest I would be suicidal when in their situation my son has been in over eight years of a three year recommendation. Anyone in this situation please try and hang on as best you can

Bennett My brother had a 5yr IPP with a 2 yr tariff in 2007 and his still in too its wrong.
Rhodes My son had a 4 year IPP sentence in 2005 and is still in despite doing every course under the sun. Who wouldn't lose hope and get frustrated?
Mine had a 18month tariff was release in 2012 was recalled bk in 2014 still inside bars... He is over 9 years now.
Tait Free the IPP my bro just done 7 for a 5 year n is still in now n my cuson got 18months back in 2003 and has done 12years .And in still in there to this day free all the IPP prisoners.

Piercy And why he recalled bk well they thou ok let messed him up more by going into his flat and beating him up so police officers did so and he is the one being punished and they abuse their powers they call it protecting the pupil yeah hell with that how is that protecting the pupil it ain't it's a load of bullocks.
Bennett Its wrong on so many levels they meant to rehabilitate u but they make u crazy
Mike Ford I befriended a man locked up now for over 12 years, given an 18 month IPP. Nothing will get better unless we transfer our despair and anger relentlessly to the politicians who have the power - no point if we stop at discussing it among ourselves. Some may say do the time OK, but not six times over the time with no end in prospect - this issue is well beyond banal platitude.
PiercyMine had a 18month tariff was release in 2012 was recalled bk in 2014 still inside bars... He is over 9 years now.

Zing Regarding James Ward BBC News
why did nick Hardwick and the government not do more  more for IPP Prisoners,
i know james ward and he should have been released before me, and many who were released before me shouldnt have been,he doesnt need mental health assesments from prison with no release date which is obviously whats causing this problem, i met him when he was self harming and there is nothing wrong with him, if there is no i dont give a fuck thats nick hardwick fault, i come off license i want to have a meeting with him.

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