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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

It is 'extremely frustrating' we have raised concerns about prisoners with indeterminate sentences imprisoned for public protection (IPP) every year since 2011both unfair and inhumane.

Concern at number of prisoners held beyond release date at Stafford.

Too many inmates are still being held beyond their release date - according to the Independent Monitoring Board at Stafford Prison. In its annual report regarding offenders hub, they say it is 'extremely frustrating' that they have raised concerns about prisoners with indeterminate sentences imprisoned for public protection (IPP) every year since 2011.
Those given IPP sentences - which were abolished in 2012 - have to be given approval by a parole board before they can be released.
The report states "It was not just treatment to detain prisoners post their release date; it was both unfair and inhumane. 
This treatment could only increase tension and resentment in this group. In the last reporting period 6.7% of the population in custody at HMP Stafford were IPP prisoners; of these, 80% were post tariff."
 Chair of the IMB, Sally Osborne-Town, said: "It is not Stafford Prison alone, this is a national problem.
"Once again it has risen to the surface as an ugly situation. It is a very unkind, cruel and unfair situation." 
Concerns have also been raised about the proportion of prisoners who are able to access  offender training programmes, with less than 3% given a place in any one month. 
Ms Osborne-Town says new 'Horizon' and 'Kaizen' programmes are being rolled out, but the issue seems to be continuing. She said: "There is a 750 population at the prison, and these programmes take 10-20 depending on which course it is.
"You can work out from there that you do not get many through in a year.
For the second year running, the report stated that "HMP Stafford was not resourced as a resettlement prison, yet 182 prisoners were released directly from the establishment, thus impacting unfairly on their resettlement opportunities."
While almost all had accommodation secured, 68% had no work or education to go to upon release. 
The Board, which is made up of 11 local volunteers, did note in its report that the prison has created a safe and clean environment in which there is an improving focus on education, training, healthcare and rehabilitation.
It was noted that improvements were taking place so visitors do not have to queue outside the Visitors Centre, vulnerable to abuse from members of the public, because visits were based on a first come, first served tally system.
A new children’s worker has also been taken on so that prisoner families received appropriate support during their time in the prison.

Release the Remaining IPP Prisoners
30,255 of 35,000 signatures To: David Lidington - Secretary of State for Justice.

To: Justine Greening Secretary of State for Education.



Browne My son is ipp done 11years on a4year sentence he got parole 2weeks ago he hasn't come home yet as he has to wait for a hostel space it never ends he is getting so frustrated freedom is a must but when ....
Corrigan My son was offered both horizon and kaizen courses and told he was unsuitable due to him being high risk but both courses were meant for these😠

Owen Hang on. IPP prisoners have to demonstrate that their risk is low enough to be managed in the community. Hostels are not recommended for ipp prisoners simply because of this. Makes me furious that they keep doing this to ipp prisoners. They don't need to go to hostels. The hostel places are for those deemed high risk on determinate sentences with automatic release dates. Not the poor lads that have to demonstrate they have reduced their perceived risk
 Anyone sending letters to their MP would do well to include this little gem. Also a journalist covering the prisons would welcome such a damning letter I'm sure. The government are clearly refusing to budge on their policies regardless of the consequences. They must be held to account!  .

Phill I was in jail with this guy years ago such a shame people think of these things as they have no other option in their head "that's the only thing they have control of
signal twohttp://www.concern-at-number-of-prisoners-held-beyond-release-date-at-Stafford





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